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One Dream Foundation aims to bring the voices of every person together with ONE message and ONE purpose: Focusing on health, poverty, education, social and access to technology for all is and has been a core fundamental of humanity for humanity by humanity no matter where they live. One Dream Foundation is asking for your voice to help or share giving to our community do our share to make poverty history.

Ways to Give to FC University and One Dream Foundation

FC Unversity and foundation is supported by public, individuals, churches, communities, corporations, private, government,  alumni, parents, and/or friends in many ways—through unrestricted annual giving; capital gifts in support of priorities such as student aid, faculty research, and facilities; reunion contributions; planned gifts and bequests; and grants and awards from corporations and foundations. However you choose to support FC University—and at whatever level—your generosity is both essential and truly appreciated. Every gift counts.

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: Whenever you purchase any product or service at One Dream Foundation Store the proceeds are invested back into our community as part of an endowment, used towards building an Ivy League University, a Solar/Green Hospital and Research Center in Zambia, Africa. For more information about the campaign, visit and join OneDreamNation .

Please browse this section to learn more about ways of giving to FC University and One Dream Foundation.


How to Make a Gift

Alumni, parents, and friends make gifts to FC Unversity with many kinds of assets and in a variety of forms. Options include cash, checks, credit card payments, gifts of marketable securities, and other assets.



FC University is immensely grateful for the support of alumni, parents, and friends who have helped to build and sustain the college. To recognize their generosity, giving societies have been established to acknowledge our dedicated donors.


Annual Giving

Annual giving to FC University provides current and immediately expendable support for the college’s basic operations. Many employers give generously to non-profit educational institutions by matching employees charitable contributions.


Reunion Giving

Reunion campaigns account for a significant portion of gifts received by the college each year, providing essential endowment and current use support.


Capital Giving

Capital gifts to FC University ensure a strong permanent endowment, help to build and restore campus facilities, and sustain a comprehensive range of academic programs.


Planned Giving & Bequests

With a planned giving strategy tailored to your needs, you can put your assets to work for any part of FC University you choose, while you and the college share in the benefits.


Corporate & Foundation Giving

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations seeks to establish strategic partnerships with corporations to create mutually beneficial relationships between industry and FC University. Foundations are a driving force behind much of the research and many of the programs that take place on campuses today, and this is especially true at FC University.


If you are interested in DONATING ITEMS @One Dream Foundation click here


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