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Mission and Vision

Who We Are

The mission of One Dream Foundation has remained the same since its founding in March 2007 by Betty Phiri Chibwe and Oliver Chibwe.: to “promote the value of giving to humanity”. This approach is intended to produce such breakthrough work and giving in health, poverty, education, social and access to technology in developing countries globally.

Now, as at our founding, we work to identify and resolve some of the world’s most pressing problems in developing countries. Yet, while our mission has not changed, the world around us has, and we and our work must change with it, and are doing so.

Guided by the basic belief that “the value of giving” starts from within. Focusing on health, poverty, education, social and access to technology for all is and has been a core fundamental of humanity for humanity by humanity.

Where and how we use your donations

We’re proud of One Dream Foundation’s efficient use of contributions! We use it to support our short and long term projects in Zambia, Africa.

Short Term Goals


  •   Donating school supplies i.e. books, calculators, pens & pencils, etc.
  •  Sports items i.e. soccer balls, tennis shoes, jerseys & sports bags etc.
  • Identifying outstanding students who would potentially transition into our
  • college.
  • Assist in ways to motivate outstanding teachers…
  • Organize summer camps for our potential college students


  • Donating hospital supplies in rural Health Centers i.e. gloves, disinfectants, gauze, etc.
  • Giving basic health education i.e. preventing HIV/AIDS, healthy diet using local produce, the importance of breast feeding etc.
  • Donating used clothes
  • Clean water project i.e. help build wells in rural areas.
  • Technology
  • Donating used computers to rural schools.
  • Identifying volunteers to teach basic computer skills to students…

Long Term Goals

One Dream Foundation New “Mentality Shift” Measures

In the years past the world has seen Africa has a dark continent “never again. One Dream Foundation needs to develop a global partnership to compete in the 21st century. The targets in the global partnership for development goal include a new approach to radical education that elevates the importance of it globally, a research coming from Africa instead of always seeing it as the lost continent that must be helped by “advanced” societies (Joe Brewer).

Building an Ivy Legue University, Green/Solar Hospital and Research Center in Zambia, Africa

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