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promoting the value of giving


We improve the health of children and families so children no longer die of preventable illnesses and live past their fifth birthday.


We ensure children are safe at all times and prevent their exposure to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.



We create greater access to quality education and ensure that girls and boys are able to learn in safe and positive environments.


When disaster strikes, we ensure that children are given care and emotional support to survive, recover and continue to learn and live a normal life.

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Your regular donation can help to make sure the world’s most vulnerables have access to clean drinking water, won’t go hungry or miss out on life-saving medicines.

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Promoting the value of giving –

“Be an agent of positive


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where we are

We work to identify and resolve some of the world’s most pressing problems in developing countries. Yet, while our mission has not changed, the world around us has, and we and our work must change with it, and are doing so.


Our organization manages and implements programs that support the less fortunate around the world. We directly deliver programs in Zambia, Africa.

what we do

One Dream Foundation is

building an Ivy League

University, Green/Solar

Hospital & Medical

Research Center in Zambia,

Africa using an app called

Lubwe Radio Mix

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Promoting the value of giving –

One Dream Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation  

For our short term:


School: donating school supplies i.e. books, calculators, pens & pencils, etc, sports items i.e. soccer balls, tennis shoes, jerseys & sports bags Health: donating hospital supplies in rural Health Centers i.e. gloves, disinfectants, gauze, etc, donating used computers to rural schools. Giving basic health education

For our long term:


 We are building a solar powered hospital, an Ivy league and trocpical disease research center in Zambia Africa

One Dream nation

Where the money goes

73% Project expenditure

10% Fundraising

9% Administration

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